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I’ve always been a bit of a photog, running through film like it was water.  But it wasn’t until I moved to New York City that I actually decided to take the plunge and buy myself a ‘real camera’.


My only requirement for a camera at that time was that I push the button and have the picture take. Immediately. The Canon Rebel XT was perfect.  It’s a manual DSLR and is quick with the shutter. I've since graduated to the Canon 5D.


My photos weren’t so hot in the beginning.  Probably there are many people who still think my photos aren’t that hot.  But I had fun.


Walking the streets, doing my version of street photography. Meeting up with strangers from Flickr to go on photo walks through town. Freezing my fingers off in the winter as I tried to perfect the art of a hand-held, long-exposure image in order to capture the twinkling Christmas lights and the blue night sky. Sitting on the sidewalk with a friend at Columbus Circle at 2:00 am taking pictures of taxis whizzing past. Good memories in all.


I studied hard, learning lighting techniques, apertures, shutter speeds, effects of different types of lenses. I upgraded and bought myself a few nice lenses with ‘fast glass’.  I worked hard to learn how to shoot in manual and shoot from the hip so that I could capture moments as they happened with others being unaware.


Eventually, I became interested in wedding photography and ended up mentoring with the fantastic Gulnara Samoilova.  A former AP staff photographer--nominated for a Pulitzer prize for photos she took on 9/11--turned Documentary Wedding Photographer.  She’s fabulous. You should consider hiring her for your wedding or portrait or event.


Gulnara taught me how to better apply the skills I’d learned. I was quick on the draw, but under her tutelage, I became quicker, developing a better eye for framing and for the elements of a great image.


I currently only shoot for pleasure.

Melissa, The Photographer

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