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One rainy, winterish day in October of 2006, I found myself at the Barnes and Noble on 86th & Broadway (you know, the one next to Zabar’s) looking over the Fantasy books, trying to decide what to buy.


There I was, feeling sorry for myself (I didn’t like my job at that moment in time and was thinking about switching careers). To drown out my sorrows and escape the abysmal facts of life, I ambled up and down the aisles, looking for something new to read. I wondered if one of my favorite authors had anything new out, so I strolled over to her section (yes, section) and looked at all of the shelves holding her books.  And in that moment, I thought to myself. “You could do this.”


I’ve been telling myself stories for most of my life (I have a difficult time falling asleep at night).  And I’m an avid reader, I know genre and story structure, and I know what I want to read in a story. Feeling incredibly disgruntled with my paper-pushing day-job, I walked myself over to the ‘how to’ section and picked up a stack of writing books. I also started reading author blogs like a fiend.


Within two months the first draft of Analindë was born. One month after that, I’d written the first draft to Book Two and begun revisions on Analindë.


Since that time, I’ve started several other books, outlined a few trilogies, written down plot points for a dozen or so other books, blogged on and off (mostly off), and for a brief time written a weekly newsletter for an American Expat community.


It wasn’t until the spring of 2012 when I found myself finishing up Book One of a new trilogy while re-working Book Three in the Analindë series that I mentally smacked myself and said, “What are you doing!?!  Stop starting!  You’ve got to finish.”


I dug back into Analindë, outlined Books One and Two so that I could better find plot holes and weak sections.  Mind you, at this time I’m on draft four with countless revisions. But now it was time to focus. I pulled out the critique from my developmental editor and began to re-work that very first book.


Available now, Analindë: The Chronicles of Lóresse, the book that started it all so many years ago.

Melissa, The Indie Author

Melissa's first book,


The Chronicles of Lóresse

available now!

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