Melissa Bitter, artistic nomad

Writer, photographer, musician and food lover. Traveling the world. Documenting life.

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I suppose you could say I’m an artsy person by nature.  Now, don’t confuse me with being crafty.  I couldn’t scrap book to save my life.


I can, however, cook. And I garden. And I enjoy looking at a nice painting. And I find great pleasure from snapping a good photo.  I thoroughly enjoy differing styles of architecture, the way line meets curve, how delicate--or not-so-delicate--motifs meet each other. I can tie together a bouquet of flowers and I’ve been hacking website design for years.


I’m interested in foreign languages and cultures. I think this is why I love to travel. So that I can immerse myself in the beautiful and interesting things across the world. I've traveled a lot in recent years and am looking forward to settling down and perhaps staying somewhere in the States for a while.


I push paper for a living.  I work so that I can do the things that bring me joy. Hopefully, one day, the things that bring me joy will also be my work. Wouldn't that be nice?


I’m a member of the US Foreign Service and have served at US Embassy Port-au-Prince and US Embassy Vienna.  I’m currently stationed in Florida, working on hush, hush things for Diplomatic Security by day and writing tales of adventure by night.

Melissa, The Art Lover

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