Lives abroad--currently in India--loves to travel, experience new cultures, share life with family and close friends. She has eclectic interests. From permaculture ranching and natural building teqniques--like rammed earth--to techy, engineering things to anything artistic like opera and music and architectural flourishes to creating tangible, edible things like fermented carrot sticks and sourdough bread, Melissa is fascinated by the world around her.


She's handy with a screwdriver, owns a circular saw and power drill and knows how to use them. She paints, she gardens, and received a Batchelor Degree in Music Performance.


She's part of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps by day and a writer by night.



Melissa started writing back in 2006, after wandering into her local Barnes & Nobles bookstore on 86th & Broadway in NYC on one particular dark and rainy, October night.  There she ambled, up and down the isles, perusing the books by her favorite authors, hoping she'd find something new. She didn't.


Instead, she had an epiphany as she stood staring at the rows and rows of books. She realized that she had stories of her own that she wanted to tell. Stories, that she'd been telling herself for years already. Stories that wanted to be written down.


So she turned around and headed for the self-help section where she loaded up on story-telling books.  A couple months later and the first draft of Analindë was born.


Melissa writes in the margins of her life. She has so many stories brimming out of her mind, that it is doubtful that she'll ever get them all down on paper. Dozens and dozens of stories languish in various states of being written, partially finished. Her vow for 2018 is to begin finishing them off.


Wish her luck and send a prayer heavenward for her.